"I love music and it only let's me down when I don't give it the attention it deserves." - jay shaner


Interwoven with with traces of urban life, heartbreak, & bitter-sweet memories, Jay's folk pop songcraft gently persuades and then breaks your heart. Jay's two solo efforts, Best Laid Plans and Heavy Early, deliver intimate personal and sincere songwriting in the vein of Pete Yorn, Josh Rouse, and the Avette Brothers. As a member of Ghosts of California and The Cowboy Killers, Jay has also released two EPs that that are evidence of Jays ability to stretch beyond the solo voice and delve into other genre's from alt-county bar room rock and roll to Wilco-esqu arrangements.

As a guitarist he has played and recorded with Deluxe, The Regulars, and All on Seven, which when totaled equals 8 albums in 6 years that he has had the privilege of contributing to.