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Thu, May 10 2012




Wed, Oct 27 2010

love this weather....


Feeling inspired

Tue, Jun 29 2010

whether it's the heat or the fact that it's watermelon season (the healthiest melon) music is hitting me in a more emotional and inspiring way than it has in a long time. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the studio, AND playing lot's more shows.



Thu, Jun 17 2010

so.... I've been starting the demoing process for a new record and it's really starting to get me excited about recording a record again....such a along arduous process that it caaannn be daunting and easily discouraging to me, but i'm having fun and i've been writing new songs that i want other people to hear. so... whew. can't wait to get further into it... in the meantime a new song is almost completed to offer as a free download when you find all the "jays" on this site! goodness.



Sat, Jun 05 2010

So so glad it has finally arrived. I feel as though today, for no particular reason, is the start of a new journey for me... a new chapter, a new beginning or whatever you would like to call it. need. to. play. more. shows.



Fri, May 21 2010

REGULARS! Tonight at old ironsides to celebrate Guido's 40th!



Tue, May 18 2010

Summer please arrive in full. I've had enough days of wind and cold and rain and drizzery. drizzery is not a word but it describes the weather here perfectly..... been writing songs and not updating this blog as much as i'd like.....hopefully....soon i'll start the recording process again and i'll have more exciting stuff to talk about than the fucking weather. now go jog. or something.



Fri, May 14 2010

This on-going story is proof of our own insanity. millions for airport art. millions. and it doesn't fit in the door.


Aches and Pains

Mon, May 10 2010

I believe I've cracked a rib or two. Thing about ribs is; there's really nothing you can do. you live with it. great. i've been writing a new song about visits to the doctor and my weak attempts to resist certain vices. one effort i've been making to live a little healthier is to drink less caffeine. strangely i have more energy now and am less tired in the afternoon. hmmm. i like this reverse effect idea....think if i quit work i'll suddenly make more money? just confirmed July 24th at the Fox and Goose in Sacramento!



Sat, May 08 2010

I know i've said this before but it only takes $6.99 to truly enjoy a Sacramento summer day.


Concerts in the Plaza

Fri, May 07 2010

Do i really want to go to the Friday night concert in the park today? will i even be able to hear the band this year over the mating calls from jabroni's in the beer garden? is it going to be the same 20 or so bands we see every year? I'm not bitter. It's not being bitter to ask more from a town that has more to offer. let's see some real festivals!! Let's get international touring bands to headline some shows so our local bands can get some momentum! I still think the Concerts in the park are the best gigs to play and attend each year, but i'm not sure anymore what that's saying. eh.


Doctors, Malbec and flying bugs

Fri, May 07 2010

Apparently I've eaten too much red meat over my lifetime and now have an entire steak floating around in my veins. or something like that. you know you've lived a little too unhealthy when you're spending more time in waiting rooms that on bar stools. The best thing about being told i need to live healthier is that RED WINE contributes not only to having a healthy digestive system, but also a to having a good heart. so... tonight i begin my Malbec rehabilitation process. 2 easy steps: one glass, and then a second glass. Along with running from a new batch of spring bugs flying around looking for fresh blood, I should be getting the exercise and diet i'll need to stay healthy and strong for at least, hmm, let's say another 2 years. That's what i'm shooting for, another 2 good years.



Tue, Apr 13 2010

I'm gonna say it. Roxy market on C street makes the best sandwiches in the world. It is so.



Mon, Apr 05 2010

Excited! justed booked April 24th at Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis opening for Casey Neill from Portland! really looking forward to playing and seeing him play!


Seared Steak.

Mon, Mar 08 2010

Tonight i prepared a delicious dinner. Filet Minon Seared over high heat, then roasted for 5 mins in the oven. added wine to the the pan and a little butter for the sauce and with steamed vegetables I was transported to a heavenly place....